• Kristine is great – very engaging, communicative and she made everyone feel at ease.
  • I am very grateful for the skills and wisdom of Kristine. The course has allowed me to continue to see my choices, the effect of my choices and the opportunities to nurture other options in how I live and respond to the world. (Mindfulness Association’s Mindfulness training)
  • Kristine facilitated openness and trust in the group.
  • Beautifully taught – I felt very held and safe. The experiential exercises were very illuminating and offered a stimulating balance of theory and experience. This was more profound than I expected and felt the content of the course spoke directly to me. (MBLC 8-week course)
  • Kristine dealt with difficult issues in a kind and sensitive way. Superbly organised and presented, thank you.
  • Kristine was as ever calm, compassionate and encouraging.
  • Deeply grateful to Kristine for her considerable energy, skill and deep compassion, all of which were so essential to the retreat (and my survival of it!). A wonderful, enriching experience showing the rich variety in ways to deliver practices. (Mindfulness Association’s MBLC teacher training retreat)
  • This course is helping me with my journey of self-discovery and personal development. It’s actually fun and just about perfect. (Mindfulness Association’s Compassion course)
  • I got extremely helpful advice from Kristine to help with my formal practice.
  • Kristine is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher and this gave the course great authenticity and authority (in the best sense of the word).