Midwinter practice days

In the lull between Christmas and New Year, there is again the opportunity to rest and replenish with mindful practice days, to return to our internal heart space that is always ready to welcome us home with open arms. Together, in this retreat, we can practise attending to ourselves with genuine interest, and meeting what’s there with warm-hearted tenderness. We can let go of the accumulated stories and rest in the freshness of the moment. Let’s gently lean into the unfolding flow of embodied experience and allow a nourishing dwelling within.

So if you think that after the rush of Christmas you’ll be ready for some quiet space to turn in, take stock and then going forth into the new decade with deepened intention, there are three days scheduled for just that.

You’re welcome to join as many days as you like in the atmospheric venue of the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh. The day will be spaciously filled with various moving and still practices, mostly guided but also leaving space for deepening into your own kind of silence. We will be warm and cosy inside but also have times to breathe in the fresh air of the garden, nourished by a vegan/vegetarian shared lunch in silence.

Dates: 27, 28 and 29 December 2019
Times: Each day starts at 10am (doors open from 9.30am) and finishes at 4pm.
Location: the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh, 2 Salisbury Road, EH16 5AB
Costs: 1 day: £30, 2 days: £50, 3 days: £70. Please don’t let the costs get in the way of coming, if they’re a problem just get in touch!
Please book by contacting me at www.earthymindfulness.com.

Things to bring: some vegetarian food or drink for lunch to share, a shawl or blanket to be as comfy as possible during lying down practice, your favourite cushion/stool and journal if you like.