Spaciousness – the tonglen way


We warmly invite you to join us in a day devoted to exploring the versatile practice of Tonglen in the context of spaciousness.

By practicing spaciousness it can be possible to sense that our experience does not define us; to sense the impermanence of our experience; and perhaps to sense the fresh potentiality of the next moment. In essence, cultivating spaciousness in meditation and movement can enable us to begin to glimpse that there is enough space within our awareness to hold whatever arises in the moment and to respond in new ways.

Meeting difficulty in ourselves and others with compassion—via Tonglen’s practice of ‘sending and receiving’— invites us to loosen habitual tendencies that are the causes of suffering, and grow our ability to experience true joy. It can touch the whole of our heart: the soft, tender front but also the strong, fierce back of our heart. Pema Chödrön, in her down-to-earth and practical way, says that “tonglen is a way for you to be with people who need you – beginning with yourself”.

Kristine Mackenzie-Janson and Bill Paterson look forward to exploring all of this together in the spacious Carnegie Hall of Dunfermline. We will also have time to breathe in the fresh air of the space around us, nourished by a vegetarian shared lunch and replenishing tea breaks.

Dr Bill Paterson has been studying and practicing meditation for over six years with the Mindfulness Association. He has three years’ experience of working at the front line of mental health in Fife; teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; Mindfulness Based Living Course; Compassion Based Living Course and .b for young people.

For: Anyone with mindfulness/meditation experience. If in doubt, just get in touch.
Date and times: Saturday 22 September, 10am (doors open from 9.30am) till 4pm.
Location: Carnegie Hall, East Port, Dunfermline, KY12 7JA
Cost: £30. Please don’t let the costs get in the way of coming!
Booking: or

Things to bring: some vegetarian food for lunch to share, a shawl or blanket to be comfy during any lying down practices, warm clothes for practising outside and your favourite cushion/stool if you like.