Mindfulness practice day

being in the body

being in the body2What would it be like to inhabit the body a bit more wholeheartedly? What might you notice, what solid grounding for meeting the world would that offer? What ‘glimpse of beauty’ might you become aware of?

This upcoming mindfulness practice day offers the opportunity to explore a deep resting in the body through somatic meditation practices inspired by Reggie Ray and Alistair Appleton. The intimate connection with the body that can be grow through practice, offers a nourishing space to simply be, as well as a sensitive place from which to relate to both self and others.

So, you’re warmly invited to join the retreat day in the bright studio and peaceful garden of the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh. We will start at 10am with taking a moment to hear how you are doing, and then ease into silence and practice, until returning outward again at 4pm. The day will be spaciously filled with various moving and still practices, mostly guided but also leaving space for deepening into your own kind of silence. We will also have times to breathe in the fresh air of the garden around us, nourished by a vegetarian shared lunch in silence and replenishing tea breaks.

For: anyone with some meditation experience
LocationSalisbury Centre – 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5AB
Date: 24 March 2019
Times: 10am (doors open from 9.30am) till 4pm.
Costs: £30. Please don’t let the costs get in the way of coming, if they’re a problem just get in touch!
To book: please get in touch here.

Things to bring: your own meditation cushion/stool if you like, warm clothes for practising outside and a vegetarian lunch to share.