Evening practice sessions

When – first Thursday and third Tuesday of the month, 18:30-20:30
Where – Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, EH16 5AB
How much – Suggested donation of £12 for a single session, £50 to book 5 sessions in advance to be used within the next year at any practice session. The first time is free, so feel free to bring a mindfulness friend!


On every first Thursday of the month, there is a session with practices that focus on the awareness of being in the body. We will explore moving away from a habitual ‘threat-mode’ and more into the peace of connectedness and growing kindness in the midst of our experience.
Dates in the first half of 2019: 3 January, 7 February, 7 March, 4 April, 2 May, 6 June, 4 July.

being in the body4


On every third Tuesday of the month I’d like to explore the teachings of people who have been inspiring to me over the years. And there are many to choose from! Pema Chodron, Rick Hanson, Tara Brach, Reggie Ray, Adyashanti come to mind as well as others, who each have a distinct orientation in their teachings and practices. The format of the sessions themselves will stay similar to how they have been in recent months, with plenty of time for practice in a supportive and nourishing environment.
First half of 2019 dates: 15 January, 19 February, 19 March, 16 April, 21 May, 18 June.