Compassion practice day


compassion quoteIn learning to be mindful, we start with simply being present with whatever is in our experience. And then before long, we encounter difficulties! This is where compassion can come in, initially for ourselves and then increasingly for others as well. In traditional Buddhist teachings, compassion is part of a set of four immeasurable qualities: kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity, where each enhances and complements the others.
So here is an opportunity to immerse yourself for a whole day in the practice of mindful compassion in the atmospheric location of the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh. We will start at 10am with taking a moment to hear how you are doing, and then ease into silence and practice, until returning outward again at 4pm. The day will be spaciously filled with various moving and still (mostly guided) practices, exploring the attitude of acceptance and warmth in a variety of ways. Practices will include the compassionate bodyscan, safe place and compassionate being, and the four immeasurable qualities will be woven through the day.


For: anyone with some meditation experience
LocationSalisbury Centre – 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5AB
Date: 10 March 2018
Times: 10am (doors open from 9.30am) till 4pm.
Costs: £30. Please don’t let the costs get in the way of coming, if they’re a problem just get in touch!
To book: please click here. Payments can be made by bank transfer to CM Janson, Triodos account number 20808364, 16-58-10, or

Things to bring: your own meditation cushion/stool if you like, warm clothes for practising outside and a vegetarian lunch to share.