Active Hope – eight week course

Active Hope2

Active Hope2bInspired by the practical and powerful book Active Hope, this eight week course offers a journey into looking at some of the big issues of our time and finding our best response, moment by moment and day by day. We will draw on the support of grounding mindfulness practices to help us turn towards rather than away from these challenges, and explore together some of the creative practices that Joanna Macy and her colleagues have been using for the last four decades with thousands of people around the world.

There is something very liberating about moving into this process of mindful action alongside others—finding our togetherness in concerns and love for the world. And it is based on the idea that Active Hope is something we do rather than have, becoming clear what we hope for and then playing our role in the process of bringing that about. The journey of finding, and offering, our unique contribution to the transition towards a more sustainable, fair society helps us to discover new strengths, open to a wider network of allies and experience a deepening of our aliveness. When our responses are guided by the intention to act for the healing of our world, the mess we’re in not only becomes easier to face, our lives also become more meaningful and satisfying.


Active Hope2aWhen: Wednesday 31 Jan, 7, 14, 21 Feb, 7, 14, 21, 28 March 2018, 18.30-20.30
Where: Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, EH16 5AB, Edinburgh
With: Kristine
Costs: £120.  This includes a copy of the book Active Hope if you don’t have it already, and a discounted place on the Work That Reconnects day workshop on the 11th of March in the Salisbury Centre. If the costs are getting in the way of coming, please get in touch.
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